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Medical Transcription Outsourcing Co-Sourcing Backlog & Overflow

Our Medical Transcription team is comprised of editors, quality assurance professionals and transcriptionists who are all supported by Australian doctors.

We ensure that our transcriptionists have extensive experience in the specialty they are assigned to work on, so all medical terminologies will be transcribed correctly. To facilitate consistency in quality, each client account is allocated a dedicated client services manager and medical transcriptionist team.

VIrtualDocs offers multiple services to meet your needs including Outsourcing, Co-sourcing, Backlog and Overflow.  We will design any bespoke workflow that works for you.

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Why Outsource To VirtualDocs


Our services are scalable to your medical transcription outsourcing needs. The following are the benefits of choosing us:

Guaranteed Turn-around-times

We’re committed to meeting your turnaround time. VirtualDocs offers a standard 24 hour turnaround time on all transcriptions, with an optional three hour EXPRESS service for all urgent documents

Experienced Medical Transcriptionists

Our team of medical transcriptionists and editors have a wealth of experience in healthcare, giving you assurance in the accuracy and quality we deliver.

Cost Effective

We eliminate the time spent editing inaccurate documents which is the greatest cost for all medical organisations.

When you are not dictating you still have access to the entire system at NO cost. Pay only for lines transcribed

Quality Control & Accuracy

One word can mean the difference between the correct or incorrect diagnosis and treatment of a patient. VIrtualDocs has a multi-tiered quality control system supported by Australian doctors that ensures the highest quality. Documentation is the front window to the world of professionals.

Efficient Workflow

How our Service Works

VirtualDocs offers online medical transcriptionist services in Australia with fast turn-around-times, high degree of professionalism and integrity. The workflow below demonstrates the life cycle of an audio file to a transcribed document.

1. Dictate

Dictating your audio files is quick and easy with the VirtualDocs platform. We support various dictating methods including digital recorders, IPhone/Android apps or via a local telephone number.

2. Transcribe

VirtualDocs medical transcriptionists and editors will then transcribe the audio files into your preferred template or format.

3. Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance team checks the document for any errors. They send feedback to the transcriptionist and submit the final version to the author for review.

4. Edit & Review

The transcribed document will be in your inbox within 24 hours to review. You are able to login via our online portal or mobile app to electronically edit and sign your documents

5. Deliver

The approved letters will then be sorted automatically for electronic document delivery, printing or faxing depending on preference.

No Job is too Big or too small

what we transcribe

VirtualDocs transcriptionists have an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and Australian medical transcription standards. We guarantee a minimum accuracy level of 98.5%.

We specialise in many document types and templates including

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Consult Letters

If you are looking for accuracy, attention to detail, and reliability, VirtualDocs transcriptionists get the results you need

Operation Reports

We have provided quality operative reports to various hospital departments and medical practices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

History Reports

VirtualDocs transcriptionists are trained in many specialties including orthopaedics, rheumatology, oncology, paediatrics, cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, neurology, gynaecology, haematology, dermatology and many more...

Medico Legal

VirtualDocs have a specialised team who are highly trained in medico-legal dictations. We understand the complexities of these reports, providing attention to detail in ensuring your report is returned accurately and on time every time.

Discharge Summaries

We provide comprehensive and accurate discharge summary reports for many hospital departments.

Rehabilitation Reports

VirtualDocs medical transcriptiuonists draft an accurate rehabilitation report on your behalf, with each report produced to your specification.

Progress Notes

Our transcription service ensures efficiency and accuracy . We work together with you to better understand your specific needs and requirements.

General Letters

Send your correspondence to us, and the VirtualDocs transcription team will transcribe them accurately and promptly.

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We work with you to Solve Real Problems


VirtualDocs values the experience of your in-house transcriptionists and understands the need many hospitals have for them. However seasonal increases in volume, staff leave and ageing transcription platforms that no longer meet current needs can have major negative impacts on your organisation and your turn-around-time.

With this in mind VirtualDocs now offer a co-sourcing model where we work together with your in-house transcriptionists providing them with the latest state of the art technology which will increase their productivity while minimising their workload.

By co-sourcing your transcription services, you will have the necessary resources to cope with peaks in demand, without having the need to recruit additional staff which increases overheads costs. This delivers you a guarantee on meeting your service level turn-around- times and avoids paying for underused employees during quieter periods. VirtualDocs will provide platform training and support for your in-house team at no cost.

need relief at peak periods? we can help

Backlog and Overflow

VirtualDocs understands that from time to time, hospitals and clinics can have an influx of patients, which increases dictation volume and quickly builds backlog, impacting turn-around-times and patient care. VirtualDocs can help by providing a backup service which can be turned off and on based on your requirements. 

VirtualDocs will integrate with most dictation systems and transcribe files out of Winscribe, Lanier, Crescendo. We are also able to extract voice files out of your recorders or directly download them from your PC. 

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Reduced Cost

You will only pay for the transcriptions which were delivered and therefor avoid the extrinsic costs that come along with an in-house hire. In Addition, you can concentrate more on your businesses core priorities and leave the transcription worries to VirtualDocs.

Information When you need it

Our accurate transcripts of letters, operation notes and many other reports allows you to search for important patient information, at your leisure. We guarantee the highest level of accuracy for all our transcriptions, making us an ideal partner for co-sourcing, outsourcing or backlog and overflow.

Timely Reports

VirtualDocs medical transcription teams have a multi-tier review process that ensures work to the highest quality. Our system is also able to generate over 200 statistical reports based on productivity, volume, accuracy, cost and turn-around-time ensuring we meet all our KPI and exceed your expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost reduction, high accuracy, security, and quick turn-around-time are the main benefits of outsourcing your medical transcription service. For these reasons, many healthcare centres and medical practices rely on VirtualDocs to take care of their transcription needs.

All VirtualDocs data uses AES 256-bit encryption in the database. VirtualDocs has a strict protocol on data security and protection, ensuring that no client transcript or information  published, sold or distributed to any third party. All our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement when joining our team. We can fully guarantee that your data is kept secure, confidential, and safe within Australia and New Zealand.  All patient data is solely owned by you and you can request it be removed from the system at any time.

We pride ourselves on providing complete customer support from start to finish. Whenever there are questions, concerns, or issues, you may address them directly with your own personal client service manager. We are on call 24/7 via our help desk line 1300 300 007.

Once the forms are completed and returned, the setup takes about 2 business days. On activation of your account a client service manager will  contact you and guide you through our system and configuration setup.

Setup Costs – VirtualDocs setup and implementation costs are absolutely FREE

Dictation Costs – VirtualDocs charges per typed line. The definition of a typed line follows the industry standard
of 65 keystrokes, which includes spaces, tabs and carriage returns. VirtualDocs does  not charge for any letterheads, sign offs or templates.

Please call us on 1300 300 007 and we will be happy to help.

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