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One could be surprised to know how much documentation is being provided by a health care organisation on a daily basis. There are patients encounters and patients records that require to be accurate and up to date, then add to these administrative documents and here we already go with a quite pile of documentation.

Managing clinical documentation has always been a burden to doctors and their assistants who need to be fully focused on patients and their problems. In order to avoid losing time on writing, the established practice of many doctors has been using voice recording devices. That, of course, requires an assistant, the medical transcriptionist, who would transcribe voice-recorded medical reports into written/typed documents. With the advent of voice recognition software, that procedure became more affordable and simpler, however, their accuracy is not enough to replace human supervision.

With the growing health care industry in Australia, demand for medical transcriptionists got stronger. Outsourcing the service of a medical transcriptionist is becoming more and more popular in Australia, but also worldwide. Companies that provide that kind of service are called Medical transcription companies and have become doctors’ great assistants, and the demand for their services is growing constantly.

A typical Medical transcription company in Australia understands the growing need for accurate medical reports of health care providers on one side, and embraces advanced technology to provide fast and accurate service at low costs on the other side. The transcription company is a push towards the modernization of the healthcare system that has been encouraged by the Australian government as well.

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Using Services of Medical Transcription Company

Using services of medical transcription companies starts as always with doctor’s dictate. Usually there is a choice of device – mobile app, recorder, or telephone. By uploading the audio record by one of several methods, it becomes available to the appropriate available medical transcriptionist who turns the voice into a written health record.

As Australian hospitals generally moved to electronic medical records, integration of these services has become much easier and allowed online electronic dictation, editing, reviewing, and document delivery features. Also, the best medical transcription companies go beyond the basic service by entering data into the appropriate systems. Using advanced technology, they can easily integrate with all the major hospital EMR platforms, receiving all patient data as well as deliver the transcribed documents back into the patient record.

Quality of Medical Transcription Company Services

Transcription companies tend to provide superior accurate and quality medical transcription services. They employ experienced medical transcriptionists in particular fields and provide them with additional training.

The accuracy rate is generally much higher than the accuracy of voice recognition software, and the best companies aim for more than 98% accuracy. The best companies employ staff with extensive experience in the specialty they are assigned to work on, so all medical terminologies will be transcribed correctly.

Turnaround time varies and is usually from several days to 24h, with an option for a lot faster service of transcription for urgent documents. 

In a nutshell, medical transcription companies tend to provide fast, accurate and low-cost medical transcription services.

working from home mum doing medical transcription

Working for a MT Company

The job of a medical transcriptionist who works for a medical transcription company is different than the job of a traditional medical transcriptionist. The main difference is that the first one is working from home in the majority of cases and the second’s workplace is at a clinic.

The required qualifications for one to be considered for this role in both cases are the same. To work as a medical transcriptionist, you’ll need to hold a relevant diploma-level qualification in Healthcare Documentation or you will need a proven three years’ industry experience; this stands for both, working for the MT company or any health care institution in Australia.

You will also need exceptional grammar and spelling skills, and fast and accurate typing skills in order to be considered for this position. Especially important if you want to work from your home for an MT company is to be able to work independently. Also, high-speed internet access and solid computer knowledge is an absolute must. 

Many medical transcription companies in Australia provide additional training for the role of a medical transcriptionist. If you meet the above requirements, after this training you should be fully capable of working as a medical transcriptionist from your home.

The demand for medical transcriptionist jobs in Australia is strong and it tends to be that way for years. What one must be aware of when choosing to work for an MT company is that it is a job that requires your full attention and concentration. It’s kind of myth that you can take care of kids and work as a medical transcriptionist from home at the same time. On the other hand, if organized properly, working from home certainly has its benefits and is a dream of many.

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