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As a medical practitioner, you must be aware of the medical transcriptionist jobs and the services that it provides. Thanks to the Australian Government initiatives and its open policies there is no dearth of medical transcriptionists in Australia and the services they are offering either as a freelancer or a company. But to find the right medical transcriptionist is not as easy as it sounds, you need to carefully analyse and study the qualities that make a good transcriptionist. 

And if we talk about the medical transcriptionist profession, it is building up as the demand for the medical transcriptionists is increasing anyone can start this business. 

First, we will talk about how medical practitioners can avail the benefit of medical transcriptionist services, and should they opt for a medical transcriptionist company or freelancer? I suggest a medical transcriptionist company offers better services and is more professional in their dealings and work.

Why You Should Choose a Medical Transcriptionist Company in Australia over a freelance Transcriptionist?

Freelancers and companies are both assets for the medical professionals and provide the same services, yet the company would always have an edge over a freelancer as it has more resources, are technically equipped and highly professional in their approach. On the other hand, any freelancer might have technologies but it would always lack adequate resources and professionalism. A company has special teams; customer service support, and even some doctors to review and help transcriptionists, while a freelancer might be a sole person without much adequate infrastructure. Each medical transcriptionist hired in a company gets training in all the specialists before inducting into the services. Besides regular transcription jobs, as a company, you get co-sourcing, help in clearing backlogs, and preventing overflows. A comprehensive workflow is designed for unhindered operational workflow. 

What are the traits you should look for in a company? 

  • Experience and years of practice
  • Service it is offering 
  • Its turnaround time 
  • Accuracy, speed, and security
  • State of the art technology 
  • Budget-friendly services
  • Professionalism and trust
  • Cost and ensured productivity

Types of medical transcription services a company offers in Australia

Any good company goes beyond their duty to ensure the hospitals and clinics are getting proper services and their work pressure is considerably reduced. A company does the following tasks: 

  • Create Operational reports
  • Medical history reports
  • Consulting letters
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Progress Notes
  • General letters
  • Rehabilitation reports or other medical documents

Whenever there is a seasonal increase in the patients in hospitals and staff is overstressed, medical transcriptionists can co-source by providing state of the art technologies that can reduce the workload, meet the turnaround time, and that without needing to recruit additional staff. A good company also offers backup services that reduce the considerable backlog and can extract voice files out of the recorders and download the same on your pc.

A company has a system that reduces cost, provides information when required, and creates comprehensive reports. Besides, they have knowledge of medical terminology generally registered as Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS) and Certified Healthcare Documentation (CHDS), to ensure no misspelling or errors is remaining.

A company is equipped with medical transcription software

A medical transcription company has fully equipped software along with the state of the art technology to hinder less, quick, and accurate transcription. Technology is also used for data backup, redundancy and stability, and ensuring 24/7 access. It has a cloud-based technological platform and at least has basic software knowledge that makes the transcriptionists quick and authoritative. Having software means seamless and unhindered transcription work with quick implementation and giving access to review and edit reports. Custom integration software is yet equipment that boasts of integrating facilities for better custom interfaces. A company also ensures it will keep on updating its technology to incorporate the latest trends in the transcriptionist profession and make itself better and better. It means providing electronic records with unlimited features. During this digital age, if we have to grow, we need to be advance in technologies, and a good company should retain the same.

Electronic medical records software Australia

Electronic medical records decrease turnaround time, saves administrative cost, and offer safe and accurate transcriptions. The letters created are automatically directed to the referring doctors through the messaging systems, getting the electronic records free of charge. There are also free of charge dictation apps that records and dictates using adequate mobile phones. This securely allows reviewing, editing, and electronically signing the letters. For instance, an electronic health record (HER) is a digitized copy of a patient’s paper chart. It contains a patient’s medical history and treatment process, with comprehensive clinic data and complete patient care procedure. 

Medical Transcription Jobs and requisite Skills in Australia 

There are now many aspirations for the medical transcriptionist jobs in Australia, and they are offering services at lower rates but check out if they are trained and professionally qualified for the required tasks or not? There are many medical transcriptionist companies also that outsource to freelancers so it is best to check their credentials and the skills that they require.

Adequate Knowledge of medical terminology

A medical transcriptionist company should have basic knowledge of the medical terminology in all fields like physiology, anatomy, common medicines, etc. A slight mistake can jeopardize the whole practice and can place the medical fraternity into a perplexing position. Knowledge of terminology can help in accurate transcription and quality work.

Know-how of typing skills

A medical transcriptionist cannot afford typing mistake and errors in spellings, a slight mistake can change the whole meaning and name of wrong medicines and wrong diagnosis. A medical transcriptionist has a responsibility towards the patients and in the profession.

Fastest turn-around time

They are turning around transcriptions within the tight deadlines; the period is generally around 24-48 hours.

Multitasking Skills

A medical transcriptionist must have multitasking skills, meeting deadlines, coordinating and managing work schedules, and listening and typing at the same time. Ultimately, they have to generate accurate transcripts and manage their deadlines.

Computer Literate and know-how of latest technology

A medical transcriptionist company has transcriptionists who are not only computer literate but also keep on updating themselves with the best technology. This allows them to work faster, attain accuracy and can use transcription tools for spelling checking, foot pedals, audio enhancers, and text expanders, etc.

Great Listening Skills

A medical transcriptionist company can easily understand medical terms especially of Greek or Latin and can easily remember them. They can accurately find these terms in audio recordings and can tell what a person in a heavy accent is talking about.

Ensure Accuracy and Quality

A best medical transcriptionist service provider assures two to four layers of quality assurance that means three people will check the transcribed document to make sure that what is written is of quality, and is error-free before turning it back for a signature. They correctly diagnose the patient and offer treatment. So if a company or a medical transcriptionist offers a single layer of human oversight, you might have to shop around for more.

Security and protection of privacy

A company or a service provider makes sure the data protection mechanism that includes the latest encryption, and security measures. This is done to maintain the patient’s privacy and confidentiality. A web-based platform is used for uploading, downloading, and signing different documents complying with the Australian security guidelines like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

State-Based Medical Transcription Services in Australia

In the whole of Australia, there are many medical transcriptionists but you must be seeking a company that is located near you. So demographically and geographical consideration is a must for hiring medical transcriptionist services. Generally, a large number of medical transcriptionists are found in Melbourne or Sidney, so targeted medical transcriptionist services can help you,

Transcription services in Melbourne

 There are many medical transcriptionist service providers in Melbourne offering transcriptionist services in hospitals and clinics. With a huge volume of patients and clients visiting hospitals daily, it is pertinent to make sure that the hospital’s operational activity is running smoothly. In this environment, professionals should pump out documents for a different range of clients on hourly bases. Transcriptionist also offers a vast choice in hospital interface that helps them get connected.

Transcriptionist services in Sydney

Medical Transcriptionist services in Sydney are much in demand, whether you are running a Hospital or Clinic, the demand of patients is increasing day by day. As these patients arrive with a range of medical issues, they need follow-up and maintenance or medical outcomes. Naturally, popular documentation is paramount to the medical transcriptionist services and is critical in the industry. This makes it all the more important to uphold strict standards in the profession. And so only those medical transcriptionists are offered jobs who are experienced and trained or should have completed the course. A company in Sydney will never compromise on the quality of services and privacy that are paramount in the profession and highlights their credibility. 

Read on how medical transcriptionist work is benefiting professional medical transcriptionists? 

The convenience of Medical Transcriptionist services is that it is the best work from home occupation pursue. Now many people are gearing for medical transcription work from home and the benefits it is offering.

Medical transcription work from home

There are many benefits for a medical transcriptionist to work from home. It is also one of the best options for people who have good typing skills and medical know-how. Companies hire these professionals as it saves their cost and some also consider candidates who complete their certification program. To work as a medical transcriptionist you must be self-motivated, self-driven, and can manage multiple tasks while meeting deadlines. Work from home practitioners have also learned to work with short deadlines and will also help you to become familiar with computer and other hardware equipment including the latest technologies. You should also have with you CD-ROM or flash drives to keep a back up of your work. It is highly suggested to work in a quiet environment and offer accuracy and professionalism. A key to making a good living as a medical transcriptionist lies in retaining quality and accuracy with good work ethics, equipment, and potentiality to earn a lucrative salary with secure finance.

The benefits of working from home as Medical transcriptionist are:

Flexibility in Timing

A home-based work offers maximum flexibility in timing as you can work on your schedule without having to follow your boss’s orders. Some work early morning while some at night, so long you are meeting your deadlines, you are allowed to work any time.

Endless earning potential

You have endless earning potential without fear of any pay cuts, reduced working hours, and layoffs. If you are not finding easy to make your ends meet, with a salaried job home-based is the best way to earn income. But it is not easy, you have to work hard and toil to earn.

Work from wherever you are and whenever you want?

From home gives you the freedom to work wherever you are and whenever you want with only exceptions that you need to meet the quality, deadline, and privacy laws. 

And there is no need for commuting too.

As a medical practitioner hiring a home-based medical transcriber means less cost as you have to pay less and bargain for the services. Secondly, you will be directly connecting with a medical transcriber who is doing the job and not any customer service executive or any other middle man.

Medical transcription jobs in Australia 

There are many medical transcriptionist jobs available in Melbourne, Sydney, and other places in Australia. As the requirement is increasing and so are the jobs. So if you are interested in a medical transcriptionist job, it is better to acquire certification, though not required it builds credibility and as a starter helps you in getting work. In Sydney, you should have at least five years of experience working as a medical transcriptionist.

Today almost all the doctors and clinics require the services of medical transcriptionists and so the demand is building up, and it is a high paying job too.

Summary: The above article is comprehensive information on medical transcriptionist job, how it is beneficial for the medical industry and what are the things that the medical facilities providers keep in mind to hire medical transcriptionists. I have also mentioned how the medical transcriptionist company is different than the freelancers who are offering home-based jobs and how they are benefited?

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