Is Hiring a Medical Transcriptionist Company a Viable Option?

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Dealing with paperwork in hospitals and clinics is very serious work. A lot of documentation is issued daily and there is no room for mistakes. One can imagine how serious consequences of a mistake in a medical document could be. So, it’s no wonder there is a need for an employee or a team who would deal just with paperwork in medical institutions (medical transcriptionists) and take this load off the medical staff who needs to be fully focused on patients.

In the growing health-care industry in Australia, demand for medical transcriptionists is growing too. Health-care providers have two options – to hire a medical transcriptionist or a team as full-time employees or to outsource these services to a medical transcriptionist company.

The second option is becoming more and more popular in Australia, but also worldwide, and here you’re going to find out the reasons for this, and also what could be a possible downside of the choice.

Lower Investment

The cost of an in-house medical transcriptionist may not be the most affordable option long-term. Just focus for a second what are you paying for in this case:
● you need to spare time and money on hiring and training;
● you need to spend money on hardware and software that the employee would be using;
● you need to pay at least the average rate of a medical transcriptionist on the market;
● you need to cover everything you are required by labor law (holiday pay, superannuation, etc.) plus
● you need to pay for a replacement when an employee is on sick leave or on leave.

And most of these costs are constant and not tied to the volume of work which can fluctuate in many medical organisations.

Outsourcing the services of medical transcriptionist significantly reduces costs. In this case, you are paying simply for the service itself which is not too expensive and you are paying only when you need it.

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Quality of the Service

Many think that this may be the downside of hiring the transcription company. Several reasons are beneath this wrong belief. People think that an in-house employee is more trained for your particular needs; that is more accurate than outsourced transcriptionist and that is more secure. Yet, this is not true, and we’re going to explain why.

The best medical transcriptionist companies hire the most experienced medical transcriptionist in particular fields on the market plus they receive additional training for providing this kind of service. They are also highly skilled in fields such as fast typing, editing, reviewing, proofreading… Although you don’t have an influence on the hiring process, you can be sure that the service is provided by experienced professional trained to provide medical transcriptionist services to different organisations.

The accuracy rate of outsourced services is actually very high. The best medical transcriptionist companies aim for more than 98% accuracy. The extensive experience of the staff in the specialty they work guarantees that the terminology will be transcribed correctly.

Security is provided by strict safety and ethical rules that ensure total confidentiality for patient data and medical history following globalised standards, HIPAA compliant.

Health-Care System Modernisation

Medical transcriptionist companies embrace the possibilities of advanced technology in order to provide fast, accurate, safe and low-cost service. The Australian government encourages modernisation of the health-care system and these companies are fully aware of the essence of this process.

Hospitals in Australia generally moved to electronic medical records and integration of outsourced medical transcriptionist services became pretty easy. Also, accessibility to medical records to doctors is quick and easy and subsequent editing and revision of transcribed documentation is an option. Doctors can go back to the documentation at any time when their numerous obligations allow it, or in an emergency.

Reputable companies, besides basic transcriptionist service, also provide service of entering data directly into the appropriate medical institution’s system. Using advanced technology medical transcriptionist companies integrate with hospitals’ EMR platforms, being able to receive all patient’s data and return transcribed documents into the record.

Hiring a medical transcriptionist company is a path that many hospitals, clinics and other health-care providers will take in the future, for sure. Demand for outsourced medical transcription services is getting stronger on one side and what is more important, medical transcription companies keep improving their services on the other side for the benefit of the whole health-care system.

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